About the BOOMERANG Bully Prevention Program


Bully Prevention Program

is a dynamic, interactive bully prevention program aimed at the young children and teenagers themselves!

It addresses:

* the cause of bullying,

* encourages change to wanted behaviour

* and thus stop bullying.

This dynamic program enables children to prevent bullying by practising before the time to stand up for themselves.

Bullying is caused by anger and fear and submissiveness.

Children are encouraged to change unwanted behaviours by becoming assertive, to be prepared and not scared, to solve conflict in acceptable ways and to understand their fears.

They are guided step-for–step to

* become assertive, confident and resilient

* know how to deflect anger and verbal insults

* empower themselves with positive thoughts

* change faulty beliefs

* resolve conflict

* solve real-life bullying incidences

When changes are experienced by practical exercises and so enforced; then rewarded with the advantages when bullying stops, children learn to become compassionate, resilient and respectful towards themselves and others, resulting in bully free lives.

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