*Boomerang Bully Prevention Program* is a dynamic, interactive bully prevention program aimed directly at the children who are involved in bullying incidences.

This dynamic program enables children to prevent bullying by practising before the time to stand up for themselves and learn that they reap what they sow.

The children are led step-for–step to

  • become assertive, confident and resilient
  • know how to deflect anger and verbal insults
  • empowering themselves with positive thoughts
  • change faulty beliefs
  • accept responsibility
  • resolve conflict
  • identify triggers
  • real-life bullying incidences to solve


*Boomerang Bully Prevention Program* is easy to use

The Program is divided into lessons.

Each lesson teaches a life-skill with practical applications to enforce
what has been taught.

It is easy to deliver – the instructor logs on to the specific lesson,
allow the child to listen or read the lesson and do the practical
application of that lesson and then enforce the specific skill throughout
the week until the next lesson.