How assertive are YOU?

BOOERANG Bully Prevention encourages young children and teenagers to be

assertive as it is the best way to prevent becoming victim of bullying.

How assertive are you? How assertive is your child?

Take this quick test and see:

Questionnaire to establish your assertiveness:

How assertive am I?

Mostly Seldom
1. I stand up straight without haunching my shoulders
2. I feel confident and sure of myself.
3. I don’t throw tantrums.
4. I refuse to break rules when others want me to.
5. I express myself in direct and appropriate ways.
6. I do not say other person’s behaviour was stupid,
naughty, bad or wrong.
7. I don’t use “loaded” words like never or always.
8. I don’t use sarcasm or crude words.
9. I like myself.
10. I have true friends.
11. I am not afraid and anxious.
12. I like my life as it is.
13. I can reach my goals.
14. I’m not afraid to take a chance.
15. I admit when I made a mistake and don’t blame others.
16. I fall asleep easily.
17. I say what I think.
18. I look people in the eye when I talk to them.
19. I speak with a clear voice.
20. I am a good listener.

If you have more “Mostly” marks, you are mostly assertive.
If you have more “Seldom” marks, you need to work to become more assertive.

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