Helena Pretorius
BA Hons. (Psychology), MBD, HOD, NLP

Helena’s passion is to help children help themselves.

Early in her career as a learning support teacher, she came under the impression of how important it is for a child to believe in their abilities to reach their goals.

Children with learning difficulties, who focus on their cognitive abilities only, tend to feel worthless and lose their confidence and suffer from low self-esteem.

To help all children realize their full potential, she developed the Self-Development program to guide them to acknowledge their positive traits, make the most of what they have and fulfil their dreams.

Because bullying had become such a problem, she developed the Bully Prevention program to help children stand up for themselves to become assertive and integrate all the tools to negate life with confidence and ease. This program successfully guides children to understand their behaviour as knowledge is the beginning of change to become compassionate and able to get along with all people.

Helena truly cares for children and has a deep understanding of their needs.

The difference between negative and positive words demonstrated with copper rods.
The difference between negative and positive words demonstrated with copper rods.

During the time of Mandela’s release from prison, there had been unrest and uncertainty among the South Africans. Schools complained that the parent’s feelings filtered through to the children and the incidence and intensity of bullying among the children had increased.

At that time Helena was presenting self-esteem classes at schools and principals asked if she could do something to help with the bullying. She started doing research and writing a bully prevention program as she realised when children feel sure of themselves they were resilient enough to deflect bullying behaviour and similarly, when a child feel secure and that his needs are being met, he has no need to bully.

Her family immigrated to Australia in 2000 where she completed the bully prevention program and took aspects of it to present workshops at schools.

In 2015 she decide to make this successful program available to a wider audience and offered it as e-books to be distributed internationally.

We sponsor wonderful programs.

Helena Pretorius is one of many sponsors to the Police Welfare Foundation’s Street Smart Handbook for highschool students to assist them through complex issues which will confront their lives such as bullying.