The author of BOOMERANG Bully Prevention has offered aspects of this program as workshops at schools and child care centres and have reached thousands of children with the empowering messages contained in this assertive bullies program.

You Reap What You Sow workshop

In 2011, the workshop You Reap What You Sow for year 6 students, the research has shown that not one of the students took responsibility for their own behaviour. Only one student went so far as admitting to maybe being a victim or a bully. A worrying aspect that emerged is that many students felt hopeless and did not accept that bullying can be stopped; though the majority realised they have the power to change unwanted behaviour to empowering behaviour. Another sad research result was that the majority felt unhappy and many did not understand that feeling happy is an choice made over and over and felt something external will bring them happiness. If this is a picture of how 11/12 year old children feel, we can understand that there are so many social emotional problems in our schools and society today.



‘Words are energy that create’ demonstrated with the energy ball.


Students using mind power to move a string to realise what power their mind have to create reality.


The difference between negative and positive words demonstrated with copper rods.

Students Learnt

‘Bullying is bad’ Jack, Lachlan, Mitchell, James, Teegan, Nici, Tiana, etc.
‘You can control yourself’ Cameron
‘How to use my mind’ Breanna
‘You can stop bullying’ James
‘I can do things with my mind’ Thomas
‘Think positive things about yourself’ Bryce, Jasmine, Georgia
‘Not to be mean to others’ Blake
‘Never judge yourself because your inside turns yucky’ Sky
‘When someone says something awful, you do the No! No! No!-thing’ Zaynah

Following is a newspaper article about a workshop where child care children were taught to stand up for themselves against a bully using a song, rhymes, movements and stories:

Kids have a ball learning how to handle bullies

You’re never too young to learn how to protect yourself from bullying.
Empowering Lives bully prevention workshop teaches children to be assertive through song and movement.

The workshop, which combines song and movements, was written by Helena Pretorius, and choreographed by her daughter to teach children how to stand up against bullies.

Helena, a learning support teacher, said she had found children needed self-esteem
boost even more that learning the difference between the letters b and d.

The teacher’s responses have been very positive. “Something like what the empowering workshop presents is very much in demand. The children were captivated! The workshop is a different way of learning and the children follow and learn easily and with enthusiasm”.

Nene Pretorius teaching young children not to be victims of bullying.Logan West Leader 13 April 2005
Nene Pretorius teaching young children not to be victims of bullying.
Logan West Leader 13 April 2005
More photos taken during workshops:

Building a tree with all her assertive actions written on leaves.
More photos taken during workshops:

Playing a Boomerang Bully Prevention board game to encourage loving or wanted behaviour.